Central Greece Railway Services Maps

I made these maps in April 2021, as there is no available map of this area. They are divided in two, covering all the stations of Central Greece that are served by Regional and Intercity trains, but not the ones served by Athens' Suburban Rail.

Athens Suburban Railway Map

I made this map in March 2021, as any other available map is outdated and I didn't really like their designs.

Patras Suburban Rail Map

I made this map with Maria Barmpagianni in early 2020, as there was no official map for the services. TrainOSE published their own map two weeks after we published and sent them this one. The map is updated as of 17.05.2021 to include all stops for both the north and the south branch and all the Ticket Zones.

Athens Rail Map

I made this map back in 2018, as there's no official map containing metro and suburban lines and trams. I'll soon update it with the Metro Line 3 extention to Nikea and the Suburban Line to Aigio (although Aigio is not even remotely a suburb of Athens...) and the connections you can take.